Tracy - Nov. 19th. 2021

About Tracy

Tracy Partridge-Johnson is an author of fiction written for middle-grade children but engaging for magic lovers of any age!

Born in Oregon but raised all over the USA, she recently relocated to NorthEast Texas with her sweetheart of 26 years.

Ok, I’m done writing in 3rd person now, omg!

In 2016 I was inspired to create a character named Jack and base his story on my dad’s real-life experiences. My dad had recently passed away, and I wanted to do something that would stand the test of time as a tribute to him. When my father was five years old, his parents died in an auto accident in Portland, Oregon. This event left him and his two siblings orphaned. For some strange reason, the extended family decided to split the children up (ages 7, 5, and 3), sending each one to be raised by a different aunt or uncle, all in different states. Add to this tragic scenario the fact that Dad’s great-grandfather on his father’s side was a milliner by trade (a hat maker), and I had the seed of what I thought might be a wonderfully magical story.

Before taking up writing for a living, I did many different things to earn an income. I am a professional pyrographer (see for some examples of my work), a handcrafted jewelry designer, a spiritual coach, and a WordPress website designer. I’m also passionate about achieving optimal health via a whole foods diet, international travel (you know…before the current world situation), and of course…I LOVE TO READ!

You can learn more about me at or follow me on Facebook: @ Tracy.Partridge.Johnson