The inspiration behind Jack and the Magic Hat Maker came to me in 2016, several years after my father passed away.

Grandma and Grandpa Partridge Car Crash and Death Story - Bend BulletinMy dad, John, had a rather traumatic and sad childhood. You see, he, his older brother, and younger sister were orphaned when they were small children. Both of their parents died in a tragic automobile accident in Portland, Oregon, when they were only 28 years old. The extended family split up the three children, each raised by a different relative living in three separate states.

Dad never again saw his little sister and only reconnected with his older brother in adulthood.

Their life experience sparked the idea for a story. I wanted to transform my father’s tragic childhood, turning him into a kind of Superhero.

Edward Partridge
Edward Partridge – Hat Maker – Inspiration for Grandpa Edward in the story.

Coincidentally, their great grandfather three generations back, Edward, was a milliner…a hat maker.

I was an adult when I learned the nickname my dad went by as a kid: Jack.

Inspired by their story, I set to work writing book one and finally published The Golden Telescope in December of 2019. It is currently available in e-Book, paperback, and hardcover at

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!


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