Book One in the Upcoming Series: Jack and the Immortals


Thirty-six hundred years had passed since her last visit to this small planet, located in an obscure corner of the universe. Time, for her, from the perspective of the mere mortals inhabiting Earth, would appear to have stood still since her last appearance.

Chava gazed at her reflection in the dark, metallic wall panel before her and appreciated the fact that she still retained the body of a 40-year-old human female in the prime of her power years. She placed open palms on her stomach and turned from side to side, observing well-defined abdominal muscles. Moving her gaze upward, her breasts were high and firm. Her bare neck was smooth, the luminescent skin of her jaw and face had been untouched by the passing millennia. Glossy, raven-black locks were flowing abundantly over her shoulders. She raised a manicured hand to her cheek and moved a thick section of hair away from her face, securing it smoothly behind one ear. Staring into her eyes, she knew they were her defining attribute. Larger than usual, the iris was a deep shade of glowing amber, and thick lashes fringed them.

Turning away from her image, she looked out from the floor-to-ceiling observation deck where she was standing. The blue dot she once called home was coming into view, off in the distance, and she wondered, briefly, how those awaiting her arrival would receive her.

“Mithsstrissth, your portal ithss prepared. We are nearing the dessthtination locasshion,” Nachash bowed before her as he spoke.

Extending a hand, she placed it on top of his ridged head and stroked several times before responding, “Thank you, dear one.” She said in a rich, resonant tone.

Nachash turned and slithered away, leaving her alone with her thoughts.

It was fitting, she supposed, that the human race should blame her for the downfall of their existence. Males of the species had always been those inclined to form religions and belief systems to control the masses. It was to be expected, then, that a woman should be the scapegoat for original sin. Though it made no sense to her that she should be maligned for listening to reason.

Chava shook her head and turned toward the portal.

No matter. Consuming the fruit paid off in the end. She had attained what very few humans ever would. And it was she who held power in her hands.

Eternal Youth. Immortality. Life Everlasting.

The ancient writers conveniently omitted that little detail from their narrative.

The corners of her mouth turned up in a sly little grin.

She accepted it as a fair trade-off.


The gathering was small, considering the significance of the event.

Inez and Clara Mac Paidin stood breathlessly, gazing at the black space on the far wall where

the portal would appear at the appointed time.

The others in the room, extended family members, were hand-selected, having been issued

elegant, hand-written invitations to attend the momentous occasion. Each person wore formal

attire, and the space was dark, except for the multitude of chunky white candles providing


There would be no media coverage; the rest of the world would remain blissfully uninformed.

Though what was about to occur in this shadowy room would be Earth-shattering in its impact.

At midnight, every person checked their watch in anticipation. Then precisely at 12:01 am, a

shimmering oval in shades of aqua, pink, and gold began to materialize in the designated space.

It hovered there, in mid-air, as the energy in the room amplified with each passing moment.

Finally, three personages began to take form, and the small audience dropped to their knees,

heads bowed. Chava emerged from the portal, flanked by two others, one on either side of her. The silence in

the room was deafening as she stood and assessed the group before her.

“My children,” she said, and though it was a whisper, the power of her voice filled the room completely. Still, those in attendance remained motionless, heads bowed in fear and trembling.

“Arise, and fear not, I bring blessings of great joy.” Chava stretched out her hands and watched over the gathering expectantly.

Inez was first to lift her head and gaze upon the apparition. Reluctantly she stood and faced The Three.

“Come to me, my daughter,” Chava turned her hand palm up in Inez’s direction and, mesmerized by the goddess’s glowing amber eyes, Inez moved slowly forward.

Clara and the others in the room raised their heads, gazing in quiet curiosity.

Inez came to a stop and bowed before Chava, who placed a hand on her head.

“Through you, blessed child, I will restore the Gift of Everlasting Life, that my chosen people, the very Elect of humanity, may die no more.” And the other two personages with her also placed a hand on Inez’s head. Then they uttered the words together,

“By The Power of Three.”

THE DARK MATRIARCH is the opening scene introducing us to SERIES 2: JACK AND THE IMMORTALS – the ongoing saga of 13-year-old orphan, Jack Mac Paidin, and his adventures with magic in his world, both light and dark, and his role in saving his friends, siblings, and the entire planet from the influence of evil.