Book 4


Coming Spring 2022!


The demon queen stood atop the stone fortress surveying the vast expanse that was her desert kingdom.

“Their father’s demise was a necessary step to insure our control of all three children.” Valdis turned to face her faithful minion. “Inez has more than proven her value by orchestrating that unfortunate event.” She reached out to stroke the massive brow of the brindled hell-hound seated by her side. “And now that she has been grooming Ethan these past two years, the time is right to introduce him to our world.”

“Yes,” Magda gazed with ardent fealty at her blood-thirsty ruler. “I believe the boy is ready to earn his stripes.”

She swiped a wisp of jet-black hair away from her face. The triple suns of Dyrrheim were just setting over the distant horizon, creating an evening breeze that was a welcome reprieve at this scorching time of year.

“But what of his younger brother? It’s obvious he is being prepared to assume his grandfather’s coveted role.”

“Yes, well,” Valdis inhaled deeply, the weighty silver chains draping her chest audibly clinking with the movement. “Jack must be dealt with.” She lifted a manicured hand beneath the ever-present black opaque veil covering the lower half of her face to tap her crimson lips. “Especially now that we know he has been communicating with my granddaughter, Lydia.” She turned and walked toward the stone staircase leading down into the castle. “Ethan is the eldest male, and as such, he is the rightful heir to Edward Mac Paidin’s lands and title.” She grasped the heavy leather lead attached to the dog’s muscled neck and tugged forcefully. “I am prepared to offer Ethan every advantage in this fight.” She glanced at Magda. “Including training and use of my dragons.”

Magda let out a high-pitched shriek of laughter. “Oh, the irony! That Ethan should wield the very beast that nearly killed his father, Ross.”

“The key, then, to bringing Jack into compliance,” Valdis cooed, “will be to draw Jack into our world, so that Ethan can put him in his place.”